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Gwinnett Conservatory
3455 Sugarloaf Parkway
Lawrenceville, GA 30044



The Gwinnett Conservatory for the Performing Arts offers music and arts classes to the residents of Gwinnett County.

Piano 4-up is an introductory class for beginners and intermediate students to learn basic music reading skills, fingering, and introductory piano technique. It is designed to make a student familiar with the keyboard. The instructor works with individuals and groups. Adults are welcomed to take these classes.  The PIANO K-3 is a class for students in Grades K-3.

GuitarGuitar Lab has a class that introduces tuning, chording, and music reading to younger children and classes that provide individualized programs of study for the intermediate and more advanced student. Adults are welcomed to take these classes. Consult with Instructor for placement.

Beginning Snare to introduce percussion playing and music reading to Grades Kindergarten and up (an adult may have to be in the class with students in Kindergarten).  Intermediate Snare is offered for students who haveDrummer had some percussion lessons in the past (grades 2 and up) and are familiar with percussion fundamentals. Intermediate students will continue to develop rhythmic and fundamental techniques, as well as develop more advanced music-reading skills.  The Drum Set class will be offered to students who have at least an Intermediate foundation in percussion techniques (grades 3 and up). Drum Set students are expected to have graduated from the Intermediate class here at the Salvation Army or have taken similar lessons at another program and will need to know how to read music. These students will learn the techniques of drum set playing, learn a variety of drum set patterns, and learn to read both drum set music and more complicated snare music.

Strings Techniques is offered on three levels: The beginners’ class is designed for those students who have never played an orchestral string instrument and/or cannot read music. Beginner Age 5 minimum for the younger student who wants to experience the joy of playing strings. Parents will need to purchase or rent age appropriate instruments – an adult must be inviolin the class with each child (no additional costs for these adults). The Intermediate class is open to students who have played a string instrument before and can read music. In the public schools, strings are taught from the beginning level therefore; in the 6:30 Intermediate class, enhanced learning for those students will be provided. The Advanced class will provide new avenues of advancement for the more experienced and accomplished players that know how to read music and have played a string instrument.

MasksIn the Basics-of-Theatre class for Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd graders, students will learn, through games and teambuilding exercises, everything they need to know to be ready to act in a play! In the Intermediate Acting class for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders, Students will learn to use and strengthen an actor's three greatest tools: their voice, body, and imagination! Utilizing teaching methods used by both the Alliance Theatre Acting Program and the Atlanta Shakespeare Company, instructor Kati Grace Morton will lead students through the acting process. NEW CLASS Improv and Sketch Comedy Ever enjoyed the TV shows "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" or "Saturday Night Live"? Learn their craft by joining the Improv and Sketch Comedy class to learn everything you need to know to perform unscripted improvisations in front of a live audience! Start with the fundamentals of improv, play games, and be performance-ready in no time! Learn to write and act in your own original sketches and you could be the next Tina Fey or Tracy Morgan!

Vocal Techniques is offered for younger children and a separate class for adults. Basic vocal production and skills, music reading, and performance skills will be taught in these classes (an adult will have to be in the class with students in 1st & 2nd grade).

Beginner Class is open to students with little or no experience playing a woodwind instrument. The 6sax:30 and 7:30 Beginning and Intermediate Woodwinds classes will have a limited number of students in a twenty five minute lesson each week that will build technique and enhance performance abilities through individualized programs of study. Adults are welcomed to take these classes. The Advanced Ensemble class is open to experienced players ready to perform classic music by the master composers as well as other lighter selections. Consult with Instructor for placement.

Brass Techniques is a class that will have a limited number of students in a twenty-five Trumpetminute  lesson each week that will build technique and increase performance abilities through individualized programs of study. Adults are welcomed to take these classes. Consult with Instructor for placement.

Interpretive Dance is an introduction to creative movement for children. Basic BalletDancer positions and interpretive movement is taught. The Christian Hip-Hop class is an exciting offering for Grade 4 through adults! This class will help with coordination and working along with a group in dance choreography. NEW CLASS- Beginner Emote Jazz: A fusion between emote expression if lyrical and jazz technique. This class will surely have you shining. Materials needed: Black jazz pants and shoes and a loose fit T-shirt.


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